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Custom Printed Tents

Custom Printed MarqueeCustom Printed MarqueeCustom Printed Marquee

Download a template to put your artwork on Right Click the link to download your file
Complete Marquee & Wall Templates
EPS Format 2.4x2.4m full - EPS 3.0x3.0m full - EPS 4.0x4.0m full - EPS 3.0x4.5m full - EPS 3.0x6.0m full - EPS 4.0x8.0m full - EPS
PDF Format 2.4x2.4m full - PDF 3.0x3.0m full - PDF 4.0x4.0m full - PDF 3.0x4.5m full - PDF 3.0x6.0m full - PDF 4.0x8.0m full - PDF
Marquee Roof Templates
EPS Format 2.4x2.4m roof - EPS 3.0x3.0m roof - EPS 4.0x4.0m roof - EPS 3.0x4.5m roof - EPS 3.0x6.0m roof - EPS 4.0x8.0m roof - EPS
PDF Format 2.4x2.4m roof - PDF 3.0x3.0m roof - PDF 4.0x4.0m roof - PDF 3.0x4.5m roof - PDF 3.0x6.0m roof - PDF 4.0x8.0m roof - PDF
Marquee Wall Templates
EPS Format 2.4x2.4m full wall - EPS 3.0x3.0m full wall - EPS 4.0x4.0m full wall - EPS 3.0x4.5m full wall - EPS 3.0x6.0m full wall - EPS 4.0x8.0m full wall - EPS
PDF Format 2.4x2.4m full wall - PDF 3.0x3.0m full wall- PDF 4.0x4.0m full wall - PDF 3.0x4.5m full wall - PDF 3.0x6.0m full wall - PDF 4.0x8.0m full wall - PDF
Marquee Half Wall Templates
EPS Format 2.4x2.4m half wall - EPS 3.0x3.0m half wall - EPS 4.0x4.0m half wall - EPS 3.0x4.5m half wall - EPS 3.0x6.0m half wall - EPS 4.0x8.0m half wall - EPS
PDF Format 2.4x2.4m half wall - PDF 3.0x3.0m half wall - PDF 4.0x4.0m half wall - PDF 3.0x4.5m half wall - PDF 3.0x6.0m half wall - PDF 4.0x8.0m half wall - PDF
Download our artwork spec sheet here
Note: When downloading an EPS file in Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows 9x/2000/XP, the "Save As" dialog box may change the ".eps" extension to ".ps". To correct this, in the "File name:" text box, change ".ps" to ".eps". Extreme Marquees also offers a complete design service for all custom marquees and banners.