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Big Tents

Big Tent Pagoda
Tents Specifications  
Frame Weight 465kg
Roof Weight 119kg
Walls Weight 111kg
Total Weight 695kg
Bay Distance 3000mm
Clear Span 6000mm
Eave Height 2600mm
Ridge Height 3580mm
Roof Pitch 18º
Longest Component 3050mm
Main Profile 77*58*2.5
Frame Material aluminium
Roof Material 0.65mmPVC
Packing Frame Dimensions 420*70*77*1
Big Tent Pagoda
Tents Specifications  
Frame Weight 900kg
Roof Weight 256kg
Walls Weight 234kg
Total Weight 1390kg
Bay Distance 5000mm
Clear Span 10000mm
Eave Height 3000mm
Ridge Height 4620mm
Roof Pitch 18º
Longest Component 5500mm
Main Profile 126*68*2.8
Frame Material aluminium
Roof Material 0.65mmPVC
Packing Frame Dimensions 530*70*110*1
All PDF tents
4x10m full - PDF 4x12m full - PDF 6x6m full - PDF
8x36m full - PDF 10x15m full - PDF 10x24m full - PDF
15x30m full - PDF 15x30x3m full - PDF 20x30x3m full - PDF
15x30m full - PDF 5x15x5m full - PDF 6x12m - PDF
12x27m full - PDF 20x35m full - PDF 6x9m full - PDF
15x20m full - PDF 10x30m full - PDF 10x20m full - PDF
40'container tent    

Exhibition Tent Series

Span width 10 m / 15 m / 20 m / 25 m

Side Height: 3 m.
Ridge Height: 4.6 m / 5.4 m / 6.2 m / 7 m
Roof Pitch: 18
Bay distance: 5 m
Minimum Length: 15 m / 20 m / 25 m
Main Profile: 200*100*4mm - 126*68*3 mm
Cover & Side wall: PVC 0.65 mm, 850 gsm
Fire retardant to Din 4102 B1, M2
Water proof, UV resistant

Custom Built to any design



Tents Accessories
We Stock a complete range of accessories designed to cater specifically for your event
  Accessory Description
Decorative Ceiling Provides a tastefull interior to the marquee, perfect for large scale corporate events.
Wooden Flooring A timber flooring solution that creates the perfect surface for any event.
Church Window Arch windows ideal for bringing light into the marquee without sacrificing the wind protection.
Solid Wall 50mm heavy duty walls designed with added sound protection.
Glass Wall/Door Glass walls and doors that offer security and protection with added style.


Marquees Crest Range Marquees Crest Range Marquee Crest RangeMarquee Crest Range

Custom Designs

Our design team can work with you to produce your ultimate marquee.

Custom Printing
Extreme Tents want to produce your ultimate marketing product. Our full colour digital printing process will add whatever graphics, logos or photographs you require to brand your marquee.

As with all Extreme Tents, we use only the highest quality PVC to enhance our full colour digital printing process. Our PVC is imported from Belgium and France and offers the ultimate in resolution, definition and high quality colour. After printing we “hot seal” our PVC to protect against scratching, dirt and ultra violet light fading. With the correct care and maintenance your marquee will last for many years, looking as good as the day purchased.

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